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We believe that organizations can improve their communication by sending clear, meaningful and complete information about their achievements to the press. With a highly professional team based in Europe, Angola and the USA, we help you «spread the news» through Global Media.

I have been a journalist for more then 20 years. I have worked as reporter, foreign correspondent in several European countries as well as a TV and Radio news reader. Newspapers, magazines, radio and television have been my workplace for a significant part of my life.

I know what the press, in particular the journalist, needs to write a good, interesting and, above all, an accurate story. It is my belief that companies and organizations can improve their communication skills when it comes to talking to the press. All the interesting achievements, events or activities should reach the news. Ensuring a good and effective media coverage is clearly an essential factor for the success in any business.

CALL THE PRESS! is a team of recognized professionals with extensive experience in journalism, contributing from several European countries, Angola and the USA.
CALL THE PRESS! turns corporate events into international news through global media.

This is why we CALL THE PRESS!

Lúcia Carvalho Andersen

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